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Blue Venetian
28 October 2008

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7 October 2008

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In the Mausoleum
23 September 2008

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Hey Light
19 July 2008

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Trompe l'oeil
1 May 2008

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In Play
9 April 2008

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Wet Oranges
2 February 2008

Recent Comments

Katalog Stron on Election Day
nice shot,wish all the best and Happy New Year

Hjulbentamannen on Early Winter
Fine picture

sahand on Election Day
Great Shot....

Jamie on Election Day
hour and a half, ouch man. i was in and out in 30 minutes. even so, i think i will vote by mail from now on. i read a ...

Lorraine on Poolside, Early Evening
I'm just amazed that a phone could take such a clear bottom of the pool shot,

GJC on Porcus Maximus
Now this is American right here.

GJC on Poolside, Early Evening
This is probably what to 90% of the world (including me) screams Hollywood. I like the washed-out, pinkish colors ...

Lorraine on Wet Bar
I like it a lot, all in the angle, good choice :)

Lorraine on Porcus Maximus
Excellent image, can't believe you're using a phone, it should have destroyed the quality of this photo ...

Lorraine on Directed By
Very nicely taken, kinda muted gray, perfect for the occasion :)

Lorraine on Connections
Really? and yet not nearly as glamorous as I imagined it to be...hmmm :)

Lorraine on Let The Sun Shine
Awful photo lol but great recall, come on, you can't win them all, it's only a phone :)

jamie on Down To El Matador
hehe, i look like a tourist!

Lorraine on Saturday Night in the City
I have to agree with GJC on this one, and believe me He knows what he's taking about, I was going to say I ...

GJC on Saturday Night in the City
What's to apologize for? This is wonderful. I love the energy that comes across even though we can't see ...

Lorraine on The Swan
Hate you! lol looks like a painting,fantastic reflection, now with a bit of processing, adding a bit of shadows, ...

jessica on The Swan
beautiul and serene : ) but why is there a sort white layer on top the image?

Lorraine on Bright Boy
Stangely enchanting, too white, too angelic...phtoographic fever will get to you, careful...before you know it, ...

madcat on In the Mausoleum
Thanks for the comments from you both. GJC: "The quick and the dead"--wow, I think I need to retitle this ...

Nomad Flavor on Vertigo Trail
Great Bridge shot.

Nomad Flavor on In the Mausoleum
Nice shot. The lighting contrast is great and I like the reflection on the floor.

GJC on An Occasion For The Exploration Of Subtext
There is pretty hilarious. I've not heard of this either, but now I have!

GJC on In the Mausoleum
Strong composition and good light. We'll all be there -- or somewhere like it. I like the combination of the ...

Lorraine on Mourning Forever
From a phone? I'm back to hating you ;) beautiful statue, flowers are outstanding

Lorraine on Down To El Matador
Seriously? From a Phone? I hate you!!! kidding, really from a phone? unbelievable, great shot !

dogilicious on An Occasion For The Exploration Of Subtext
I once worked with a guy from England and he shared your sentiment. There were several of these kinds of double ...

Dan Knowles on Say What
For a moment, upon first glance, I thought you were featuring a banner ad for Hertz on your blog . . . ha!

madcat on Flying Pigeon

vilja on Flying Pigeon
Dunno much about birds, but isn't that a seagull?

jennifer on Free Parking
I completely understand. I could not live anywhere where I couldn't comfortably cycle.

jennifer on Bringing Sexy Bike
Yay! I always like taking shots of bikes lined up too. Nice fenders.

jennifer on Hella Good
I can't believe Jamie didn't take me here! I love stopping in other city's bike shops. I stopped in two ...

crafts on Beach of Death
Sad :-(

Ekaputra Tupamahu on Grotto
fantastic view! great shot...

madcat on Uh Oh #2
We eventually managed to push the car out. A little scary at first but reason and determination prevailed...

Shun on Uh Oh #2
What a look on his face... What did happen to the car?

dj.tigersprout on Brian and Maciek
love the forlorn and down trodden look of the figures... the large space between them is also quite telling in a barren ...

Death on Display Models
nice frame. I like to can't see the reflect in the galss!

Zoinks on Display Models
Sorry. I meant "interesting".

Zoinks on Display Models
Intersing shot. Reminds me of the movie "Mannequin".

rem_la on Display Models
sympa cette poupée

Nataly on Ghostly Swimmer
Interesting and intriguing...

Nataly on Ways of Seeing #2
Oh,lucky! I was there as well but was asked to put my camera away... Well captured...

Luca on Ways of Seeing #2
really beautiful image!! congratulations it's awesome!

Daroru on Ways of Seeing #2
Mind bending!

hooman on Ways of Seeing #2
very nice and good texture. also very good view and composition. i take it and set as my camputer background! thanks a ...

Alfredo J. Martiz J. on Ways of Seeing
This is fantastic!

hooman on Ways of Seeing
very beautiful with nice color... composition are good also...i have good feeling..

jbm on Ways of Seeing
splendid colours and nice geometry !

zOOm on Ways of Seeing
Excellent ! Well "seen" ! :-)

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